International cooperation within CityTRAQ

On Thursday 30 March 2023, all project partners of the CityTRAQ project met at EcoHuis in Antwerp for an update on the project. The conclusion of the day: the project is off to a good start.

The project partners met in Antwerp to discuss and monitor developments within the CityTRAQ project. In addition to an update on the project itself, some partners also shared projects or activities around air quality and air quality measurements in their city or region, which are separate from the project but serve as inspiration. As such, the partners inspire and support each other to bring the project to fruition.

Where do we stand?
Each partner gave a brief update on the state of play: what has already happened and what is still planned. The project is only in its early stages, but is off to a flying start. For instance, some activities have already been undertaken and the project partners are well on track. The City of Antwerp, for example, has already started collaborating on air quality measurements with some Antwerp schools. The City of Ghent is investigating the procurement of air quality sensors and the City of Bruges is taking action to enter into a collaboration with schools.

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Netherlands-based project partner, presented its own air quality measurement and scenario tools. This was done for the purpose of inspiration and as an example for the development of the screening and scenario tool within the CityTRAQ project. Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) then gave an update on and a short demo of the current version of the relevant tools. Finally, the cities each elaborated a little more on the implementation of pilot projects in their cities.

Successful rollout
The meeting helps promote international partnership between the various partners within the project. The efficient and clear cooperation will ensure the successful further rollout of CityTRAQ.