Pilot projects

Find out about the pilot projects

The participating cities of Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges are putting the CityTRAQ project into practice.
  • Antwerp is focusing on a freight route network and emission-free city logistics
  • Bruges is tracking the evolution of air quality throughout the city
  • Ghent is setting up oxygen districts and evaluating school streets and traffic circulation plans
  • Zagreb is launching air quality projects based on lessons learned from the pilot projects in Flanders

The developments and tools from the projects will be made available to other cities in Europe. This will allow them to make a quick start to improve their air quality. They can also use the digital building blocks of the tools in order to develop their own tool for their specific region.

Together for Clean Air

Find more inspiration on other air quality projects at the Together for Clean Air website. Together for Clean Air is an initiative to encourage citizens and local authorities to inform themselves about air quality and to take action themselves.