Test phase for new air sensors

Kunak-sensorbox close-up

Since late November, new air quality sensors have been installed at the Borgerhout measurement station. After a few weeks, the sensors will find their way to the first measurement project in Ghent as part of the European LIFE CityTRAQ project.

At the Borgerhout measurement station, 15 Kunak sensor boxes were recently installed, which measure concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air. Currently, the sensors are being tested and checked to see if they meet the set quality requirements.

Pilot in Ghent
After successfully passing the test phase, the sensor boxes are moved to Ghent. There they will be used in the pilot project as part of the LIFE CityTRAQ project. The sensor boxes will be used in order to monitor various traffic-related measures. Among other things, they will be used for the introduction of a neighbourhood mobility plan and the introduction of a school street.

The purpose of the pilot project in Ghent is to assess the impact of different mobility interventions affecting air quality and to increase support for school streets. This initiative contributes to a targeted approach for improving the city’s air quality and ensuring the health of the residents.

Kunak-sensorbox 1